Currency Exchange FAQ

1.How do I exchange currencies?

Path: Trade - Currency Exchange,select the currency and amount of the currency exchange, then you can exchange the currency.

2.What is the limit of exchangeable amount?

When you exchange currency, Futu will automatically calculate the exchangeable amount.
The exchange amount is affected by different factors, such as fund deposit/withdrawal, stock trading, transaction fees, transaction settlement/clearing, etc.
Some changes are not visible in real time.

3.Estimated Exchange Completion Time
(Please refer to the actual time of completion. Information below is for your reference only)

3.1 Real-time completion periods

Exchange orders submitted during this time frame--from 07:00 am Monday to 04:00 am (Summer Time)/05:00 am(Winter Time) Saturday--are expected to be completed in real-time.
Special Note: During the period from 16:00 to the US stock market opening time (21:30 pm Summer Time, 22:30 pm Winter Time), the exchange is normally done in real-time, but may not be completed in real-time due to the aging of upstream order processing.
If you need to cancel the exchange, please go to Funds Conversion - Exchange History.

3.2 Non-real-time completion periods

During weekends and holidays, the currency exchange will be completed at the next nearest exchange opening time.
For example, exchange orders submitted on Sunday will be completed on Monday at 07:00 AM.
(Futu will make special notices before the holidays. Please watch for relevant announcements)

4.Maximum exchangeable amount.

Direction of exchangeExchangeable amount/day
Convert out of HKD200 million/day
Convert out of USD  5 million/day
Convert out of RMB10 million/day

If you exchange more than the maximum exchangeable amount, please contact customer service at 400-870-1818.