Deposit guide of East West Bank(US Bank)


1.The bank account name used for payment must be the same as the account name of Futu Securities. Otherwise the customer will be responsible for the refund fee.
2.It takes time for the bank to process the remittance request, and the bank's notification of "remitted" does not indicate Futu Securities has received the funds. The funds need to be settled and approved after arriving at Futu Securities. The bank and Futu Securities do not process remittance during public holidays in Hong Kong. Please allow time for remittance processing.

3.Futu does not accept direct cash or e-wallet deposits.

4.Futu does not recommend the check deposit because of the slow arrival time (at least 5 business days).

To deposit funds through East West Bank,  the procedures and guidelines are as follows:

1.Transfer funds to Futu's bank account

2.Notify Futu to collect payment


1. Transfer funds to Futu's bank account

Funds need to be transferred to a Futu bank account. The receiving bank account is attached below:


Account Number: 8003134056

ABA Routing No. :322070381

Bank Name:East West Bank

Payee's address

Country/region:United States

Address (first row):9300 Flair Drive, 4th Fl.

Address (second row): El Monte, CA 91731

Remittance PS: Your Futubull ID/Moomoo ID

2. Notify Futu to collect payment

Notify Futu to collect payment:Deposit notification will be sent to Futu after remittance.

Mobile Phone Remittance Notification (Operational Guidelines)

3. FAQ

3.1 Viewing the history of funds deposit/withdrawl

You can review the progress of the fund deposit and the estimated completion time at any time in the history record. 

3.2 Arrival time of funds

The following times are estimates, please refer to the actual time of arrival of funds.

Deposit methodsEstimated arrival time
Velo E-banking Transfer1-3 business days
Check Transfer (Not recommended)At least 5 business days

3.3 Bank fees

As cross-border remittance is involved, both the sending bank and the receiving bank may charge corresponding handling fees. Please refer to the actual fees charged by the bank for specific fees. Futu does not charge fees.

3.4 Bank account certificate

The bank account used to verify the funds transfer is opened by the customer himself, and Futu may require the customer to provide bank account certification. What is a bank account certificate?