HK stocks fees - HK stocks

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1.Hong Kong Stocks

TypeFeesCharged by
Commission0.03% * transaction amount,   minimum HK$3.00 (zero during the commission-free
Futu HK

1.2Regulatory Fees

Trading   System Usage FeeHK$0.50 per transactionHong Kong Exchanges and Clearing   Limited (「HKEX」)
Settlement Fee0.002% * transaction amount,   minimum HK$2.00, maximum HK$100.00HKEx
Stamp Duty0.1% * transaction amount,   amount less than HK$1.00 will also be counted as
HK$1.00. For example, HK$2.01 will be counted as HK$3.00
Hong Kong Special Administrative   Region Government ("HK Gov")
Trading Fee0.005% * transaction amount,   minimum HK$0.01HKEx
Transaction levy0.0027% * transaction amount,   minimum HK$0.01SFC


① Charges are calculated in "transaction amounts closed" in charge items (each order may be divided into multiple transactions)

② Under normal circumstances, no stamp duty is levied when trading warrants, CBBCs, ETFs and ICBCs, the exact range of stamp duty is subject to the official statement of the Hong Kong Government.

③  Table is for reference, actual charges may differ

1.3Platform Fees

We have two separate fee systems for different types of investors

Fixed (for regular investors)

TypeFeesCharged by
Platform FeesHK$15 per orderFutu HK

Tiered (for investors who trade frequently)

Accumulated   Monthly OrdersFees per orderCharged by
Order   number 1-5HK$30Futu HK
Order   number 6-20HK$15
Order   number 21-50HK$10
Order   number 51-100HK$9
Order   number 101-500HK$8
Order   number 501-1000HK$7
Order   number 1001-2000HK$6
Order   number 2001-3000HK$5
Order   number 3001-4000HK$4
Order   number 4001-5000HK$3
Order   number 5001-6000HK$2
Order   number 6000 and aboveHK$1

① If an order is divided into multiple transactions, the order will only be charged once

② Accumulated Monthly Orders: Accumulated on a monthly basis and recalculated on the first trading day of each month or after the user changes fee packages.

③ An annual Interest rate of 6.8% is charged when the account cash balance is negative (effective June 06, 2017). Interest is calculated on a daily basis and is settled at the end of the month.

④ The default fee package for HK Stocks is set to "Fixed" after account opening. The user can switch to other fee packages if needed.

⑤ The transaction fees for GTC orders is calculated according to trading days. Transactions in the same trading day will be treated as 1 order, while transactions in the different trading days will be treated as different orders to calculate transaction related fees.

2. Hong Kong Stock Options Trading Fees

TypeFeesCharged by
Commission0.2% * transaction amount,   minimum HK$3.00 per option orderFutu HK
Platform   FeesHK$15 per orderFutu HK
Trading   TariffOption class 1--HK$3 per   contract
Option class 2--HK$1 per contract
Option class 3 -- HK$0.5 per contract
Note: This fee is waived when the single option contract price is HK$0.01.


① Please refer to the HKEx website for the classification of options.

② The transaction fees for GTC orders is calculated according to trading days. Transactions in the same trading day will be treated as 1 order, while transactions in the different trading days will be treated as different orders to calculate transaction related fees.

2.2Option Exercise and Related Fees

TypeFeesCharged by
Settlement   Fee0.002% * exercised transaction   amount, minimum HK$2.00, maximum HK$100.00HK Clearing House
Exercise   FeeHK$2 per contractHKEx
Stamp   Duty0.1% * exercised transaction   amount, minimum HK$1.00HK Gov
Transaction   levy0.0027% * exercised transaction   amountSFC
Trading   Fee0.005% * exercised transaction   amountHKEx
CommissionConsistent with the account's   current HK fee packageFutu HK
Platform   FeesConsistent with the account's   current HK fee packageFutu HK


① Futu does not support short stock positions after exercise delivery, please ensure that sufficient stock positions is present for exercise delivery if needed, otherwise Futu will retain the right to close such option positions.

② The HK commission-free seed currently does not apply to HK stock option trades, but applies to HK stock trading due to the exercise of stock options.

3.Other services

Dividend   Collection FeeFUTU: 0.2% * total cash dividend   amount, minimum HK$30HKEx: HK$1.50/lot
Equity   interest collection FeeFUTU: HK$1/lot, minimum HK$30,   maximum HK$2000HKEx: HK$1.50/lot
Bonus   share collection FeeFUTU: HK$1/lot, minimum HK$30,   maximum HK$2000HKEx: HK$1.50/lot
Corproate   Action Handling FeeFUTU: HK$1/lot, minimum HK$30HKEx:
Charged on a case-by-case basis
Handling   Fee for Rights Offering, Warrants, CBBC and Inline WarrantsFUTU: HK$1/lot, minimum HK$30HKEx: HK$0.80/lot
Withdrawal   of Physical StocksFUTU: HK$1.5/lot, minimum HK$50,   maximum HK$500HKEx: HK$3.50/lot
Mailing/Stamping   of Daily and Monthly Account StatementsHK$50 per copy + postage feeFutu HK
Dividend   RecoveryMinimum charge of HK$1,000 per   order (payable irrespective of whether recovery isFutu HK
successful or not)
If recovery is successful, a 10% service charge on dividend amount plus   transfer fee (if any) is applicable
Request   for Certificate of Account Opening / Account VerificationPlease inquire customer service   professional for Futu HKFutu HK
Request   the central clearing house for replacement certificates or other formsPlease inquire FUTU SecuritiesFutu HK
Annual General MeetingAttendance or   authorisation of a third party to attend the Annual General Meeting (max   oneFutu HK
person) or vote by proxy
Administrative fee: HK$50 per application
Charges   for Returning ChecksHK$200Futu HK
Error Trade Handling for HKEx optionsFutu: HK$2000 per claimHKEx: HK$3000 per claim


① Shares less than one lot are counted as one lot
② When cash dividends are paid on HK stocks, Futu will collect two types of fees on behalf of the HKEx

A: Registration and transfer fee, HKD1.5/lot, any amount less than one lot is counted as one lot (calculated based on the number of new shares added between the previous registration date and the current registration date; if no new shares are added, no fees will be charged)

B: Dividend Collection Fee, calculated as 0.2% of total cash dividends, subject to a minimum of HK$30.

● No dividend collection fee will be charged if the dividend payout balance is <= 0 after the registration and transfer fee is collected;

● If the balance of the dividend payout is >0 but less than HK$ 30after the registration and transfer fee is collected, the full amount of the dividend will be deducted as dividend collection fee.